A scene from garden captured in a picture.. stilled life for years..

Just a part of free minded Photography.. snapshots of life! ❤


Moulding thoughts..


A writer trying to mould its thoughts in form of words, ready with a pen, notepad and a cup of coffee…

Just a snapshot.. free minded photography





I admit that this week’s photo challenge was difficult for me as I simply couldn’t think what to capture. This took a bit time too but yeah, challenges are meant to see your inner potential lol. Here it’s all about our vision. 😉


I present this tree. Unlike other trees this has light bulbs, wires, paper, plastic. No flowers, no leaves no bird nests, no life. It just gives light in darkness.. all it can do.

I am glad to share this, and happy I completed the challenge! 😀

In response to weekly photo challenge Unlikely


Weekly photo challenge!

I tried, but didn’t get that good view for this weeks challenge 🤔 Yea but still, i hope you like this window pane of lovely rainy days, when the water kissed the window with its small tiny droplets washing away all dust. 😊

In response to the weekly photo challenge…



Weekly Photo Challenge!

“Hello dear lil’ creatures, welcome to the place called nature. We wish you happy living till the entire spring. Stay beautiful”

In response to this week’s photo challenge! The lovely flowers bloomed in my colony’s garden. Being a nemophilist they attracted me!