Mistakes-Regrets (II)

My every rhyme, every tune
Rhythms like sand dunes
Are all for you
Feel the power of every word
Letters from origins which are absurd
But are capable of great things
Like you with your dreams
You have immense power within
To get whatever you decide to put in
Be a human of values and know what you do
Someday before I told you about mistakes
But today, it’s about regrets
Everything you do is right in present
Everything you did was right in past
Everything you will do will be right in future
So my dear learn to nurture
Every single thing you’ve done and will do in future
Never regret the stance you took
Cause it was something to what you were once hooked
Let the life flow, pain come and go
It doesn’t kills you
Makes you stronger than you know

Mistakes-Regrets (I)

This is the first part of a two fold poetry Mistakes-Regrets

When you look back at life you find mistakes
You find memories of different tastes
Don’t leave the mistakes and pick up all grace
Cause even those mistakes are part of your race
So love every single memory, every single face
Every single person you met in this race
Just like you look at sky and only see the shine
Of the stars that look so similar again
Same are your memories each one as star
Decorate them in the night sky till far
Let them stay , they all define you
Be proud of achievements and mistakes too

Who am I?

Who am I?

Do people I hurt and mistakes I make
Those unfortunate situations I was, and had put people in.. defines me?..

Or it is the everyday breeze of something that makes time freeze.. I feel comfort and lost in my own deeds.. keep working on whatever I am working.. also called “passion” by my fellow beings
So does this passion defines me?

It it is something else, little personalised in sense.. what I show to the world who I am.. the little acts of kindness, being a little selfless.. staying in relationship with humanity or insanity?
Is that what defines me?

Or it’s the wilderness of being different and crazy?

Or the ability to look at the world differently?

Or my everyday repeated daily routines
At night miscellaneous and mega tasks all checked

Is there something else still left to guess?

I don’t know what defines me.. but I do know that I will live true, stay me.. until I go..