Joy Mix


This is the last and best music I’ve ever created. I am giving my music hobby a break for some years cause I am not able to figure out perfect DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for me + I also don’t have that much time this year cause of main school year

So, this is the best music I have ever made. I’d like to thank my friend for some suggestions and help Rick van Meijel . I hope y’all enjoy this 7 minute play. Happy listening!


A practice album.. Creating new hobbies!

Hey Everyone! 😀 I would like to share about my album which I created a while back. Mixers is a combination of all genre of music. Includes almost all kinds of instruments – guitars, piano, bass, synths, everything just mashed up to get perfect sound to ears!

The album consist of five melodies and instrumentals: Cold Flame, Escape, Fusion, Revive, Pathway and Trip. To be honest my favourites are Cold flame, Pathway and trip. It is my first album and wasn’t that good so no advertising till now lol, here doing a lil’ bit. I’d never made a music before so this was just like trying to make something y’all can is a practice album.. learning new hobby!

Visit Music page to give it a try! Comments and guidance welcomed!

Musical notes!

Music album review..

A review of an EP album “Reliving” by Rick van Meijel

Music has great power to change our moods. What we think, how we feel, just changes in moments. Our brain instantly becomes stress-free and we are detached from the world for a while..

The guitars, the drums and piano keys.. all perfectly synchronised to create a sound too perfect to ears, the sound too kind to our hearts to give a smile. My mind has happy dancy waves As I listen to an EP album “Reliving” by my friend Rick van Meijel 😀 It is so joyful playlist of five melodies namely – ‘The Spark‘ , ‘Fighting the Storms‘ , ‘Abandoned Roots‘ , ‘Milky Way‘ and ‘Anything‘.

The album releases on 8th June! So excited and eager to give a try to all sounds! Till now ‘The spark’ and ‘Fighting the storms’ are out!

Give it a try 😉 I am sure y’all would like it!

The Spark

Fighting the Storms