Lazy liquid!


So this weeks Photography challenge told me to capture some liquid. I wanted something different but yea.. just got this iced water inside the bottle.

In our family if someone goes out for on a long distance, we keep a bottle in freezer to chill it.. best refreshing along the way. My dad was going out somewhere yesterday so I just saw the bottle and got an idea that I can capture that lazy liquid, so still!😊

In response to the weekly photo challenge Liquid

A place in the world

Weekly Photo Challenge!

When I was around 6 years old I shifted to Mumbai. I still live here on the same streets. In these years I’ve seen things changing, streets have changed a lot since that time.

I’ve got a great attachment from my building terrace. It has a breathtaking sunset view in evening. Very beautiful one. It’s great to go up there and stare and the firey skies sharing how the entire day went. I went up there regularly and shared my entire day with nature, just talking to winds tress and black kites. Just amazing…

The city is very close to my heart and always will be. Especially this home from where I can see most beautiful views of nature.. sunset, sunrise, moonset and moonrise..

So I’ve got the roadside view of a famous place “Marine Drive” of my city Mumbai. Not that clear cause it was taken from car, but yes depicting many stories of my life


In response to the weekly photo challenge Place in the World



Yay! Finally I got this amazing pic of grass! 😀

To be honest this is not my idea to get down and snap a picture like that. A while ago my friend Robert posted a picture like that and I told him that surely I will get same kind of picture 😉

Not that good like my friend but sure I liked it!


Lying Peacefully


Last evening while walking in the garden I saw these dried leaves lying peacefully on the grass, embracing their lives and the time they lived living on the big tree, which they were once a part of..

Just a part of free minded photography.. snapped from my android.


Tree trunk


They say the rings or lines of the tree trunk can tell you the age of the tree. I tried, but couldn’t find it. This one is just a strong branch though, happy that tree is alive.. 🙂

Just a part of my free minded photography..