A short ballad on escaping the materialistic life for a while and enjoying the sense of living, the sense of being alive…

Far away from the city

Away from the chaos

Away from busy streets

And hectic life which goes

Away from my friends

From social links and goals

Away from street lights

Which when dark brightly glows

Away from home

Away from family

Away from comfort

Away from galleries

Of memories and moments

She had in past life

Of victories and defeats

Her heart carries inside

But, with the nature

With silence and peace

With the potent which

Revives and grease

Her flaws and faults

Freeing her from the sins

Taking away her soul

To nurture and rinse

With a strange emptiness inside

Lost many things but not everything

A wish to hold that experience awhile

To break time bounds for this meeting

With the sense of being oneself

Sense of being alive

Living that very moment

For herself without ego and pride

With this alive feeling of being

She has escaped materialistic life

Until death she longs to be here

And continue her heavenly plight…


Seeded Wishes

A short ballad on working hard for our dreams & wishes to see them come true. They just won’t come alive without efforts. Work now and you will reap someday. 

Millions of wishes of thousands of people

The things which you would like to do

That enthusiasm disappears like water ripples

That moment when we realise they won’t come true

You may want to travel different places with friends

You may wish to go for a holiday tour

You may wish to gift your dear, a perfect present

Would have imagined your seed before it grows

Those wishes remain like awaited seed

Seeds so still and stable inside you

Making it cozy home in your heart

Hoping. by your actions, to soon be heard

In stable silent calmness they lie

With hopes alive impossible to die

All dreaming to become a plant one day

To spread colours instead of staying grey

Your wishes won’t come true this way

If you just ‘wish’ and leave them in dismay

Getting edgy when they don’t fulfil

To be honest, the way lies in your will

“Work hard in silence and let the success be your noise”

You may have heard this from your inner voice

“No pain. No gain” is what they say

Work for your dreams don’t leave them void

Start working now! Don’t procrastinate

To live your dreams work every date

Prove you’re strong to fruit-fil your wishes

“Live life to express, not to impress!”

Get your plans organised and goals precise

Give your seeds enough nutrients to rise

Learn how to rest when you are tired

Cause quitting here will just be a satire!



Wiping Away My Pain

This took quite less time but completed perfectly. I hope you enjoy it.


I am just a human being here

Who’s completely lost, sheddin’ tears

Would you like to hear my story

Of all my fights, my struggles and lost glory?

I walked through a lot of pain

Struggled every day and night for gain

Now I see what I got is nothing

Every second of pain was just in vain

Why did all this happen?

What else does life wants me to do!

And now I am so broken

Oh pain! I am sitting beside you

I have failed and everything went waste

Monachopsis is what surrounds me

My fight epoch constantly stares

And phosphenes are just what I see

I feel I’m in the middle of an ocean every day

I feel I’m in the middle of a desert every night

There is no peace and comfort in sight

I need hope to lead me from wrong to right

This fight! Oh I fought with all my might

To be honest my mind wasn’t alright

It always thought about the pain inspite

Of me trying to control and guide

Yes it all happens inside your head

What the head thinks that’s gonna be instead

Of what you want and trying to see

Believe me, this way you’ll never be free

Your mind controls a lot everyday

Works throughout the day, thinking about pain

Give it a break don’t let much strain

Let the birds sing and call the rains

So stand up! lets get out of this

Stuck in the oceans and desert beneath

We make us, we save us

We fight us, we find us

Put that old brain to trash

Who has negativity with no flash

Who is completely dark inside

Taking you away from your plight

We live our own lives

We don’t need those empty policies

And we’ve got no apologies

For being who we are today

So say hey! And get your brain

a nice sweet holiday to change

Don’t be mistaken, it’s completely yours

Be original to live those cures

With this change now start a new game

Lend blind eyes to money and fame

Let your heart speak and do the same

In one life live all your dreams…


Hell vs Life

Finally! After a long time I have written this. Last some months were a bit busy… Here’s an inspiring long ballad. Enjoy reading!


Everyday feels like kinda same

Nothing so great to rejuvenate

Everything I do feels like insane

Like doing for someone else’s sake

I want to get a time machine

And go back to those lovely days

Where all was so right as nature

Those memories I got to embrace

But then suddenly everything changed

Felt like I am dying Inside

Felt like someone is suffocating me

Till extent and living in pride

I guess the hell is better

At least you know all is gonna be wrong

At least you prepare yourself

To fight and be a bit strong

Here life threatens with spears

Knives and spikes on throat

Then disappears like a nightmare

Leaving you weak and alone

It gives you most painful scars

Scars almost unbearable

But you do fight them, don’t know why

And continue a meaningless life

These were my thoughts before

Before this day, my friend

Before, when everything was wrong in life

Before, when I was suffering in pain

Last evening while returning home

There was something I sensed

I wish I had sensed it before

Cause there were new thoughts commenced

I could see phosphenes from my eyes

Waking from intense dream

That was an epiphany to my life

That surrounded me with serene

Life threatens is a sagacious truth

But it does gives amazing moments

It threatens to make you stronger

Providing a lear with every pain

It teaches us something new

Something never experienced

Something which you’ve never learned

It persuades you to be persistent

My friend, life is an adventure

To quench our thrills and joy

To savour its every flavour

Give up thoughts which annoy

Enjoy the every struggle

Feel that every pain

Grasp that every lear

I assure, it isn’t in vain

You’re given this life cause

You’re strong enough to live it

Every heart is strong enough

To neglect and forget how to QUIT!


Love the Way You Live! 

I had today a bit free with less daily goals, so decided to write something. Hope you like this ballad. 


We live our life in our own way

Dancing in the rain or snacks by the bay

Working through day and rest at night

And every life with a different plight

Thousands of people, thousands of plight

Waking every morning through a new light

Some do reckon and get obsessed

And some get times to feel depressed

Okay I agree times are hard

But you can find happiness everyday

In some small instances in your life

Which you never see in your pain

Bad day becomes because of bad thoughts

Not because of a bad experience

It’s your mind that keeps thinking bout’ it

And this is what makes the difference

Everyday is a new opportunity

To create and learn something

To embrace your faults and skills

And experience new thrills

Shakespeare quotes “World’s a stage

And men and women merely players”

We play our part and go away

And disappear in sunlight glares

We have got only one chance to live

Let’s live the way we want

Love the way we live our lives

And ignore the things which haunt!