Happy Anniversary!

Thankful pot overflowing!!


Happy birthday Inspire Art! 🎉🎁

It was 14 June 2017. I had wrote my first ever ballad of my life. It was an inspirational ballad. A long poesy.. I wanted to inspire the world.

My brother told me about blogging. I didn’t even knew what blogging is. He told me it’s like writing our own stories. He didn’t even tell me clearly. I was mad lol. So I searched on internet and got this place WordPress. So got in!

Initially the name of website was Get Inspired, which later changed to Inspire Art as my own personal plan which displays all my works: writing, music, art and photography.

I never imagined so many people would like my blog/website. It feels like a dream. My grateful pot is overflowing.. it’s like an epiphany. Not just because of this anniversary.. but one more thing.. earning 365 followers in 365 days! This is truly a unique thing! I am just so very happy! 😀

Thank you for the love, kindness and support. These miracle 365-365 is great. This is miracle! I don’t know if ever happened with anyone! I am lucky!

My hearty gratitude to every reader of my posts. All my WordPress as well as email followers. I’ve got my best music ever created and an inspirational poesy for ya guys. Just in the name of goodness, love, kindness, humanity and peace.

Thank You!!! ❤😀


A practice album.. Creating new hobbies!

Hey Everyone! 😀 I would like to share about my album which I created a while back. Mixers is a combination of all genre of music. Includes almost all kinds of instruments – guitars, piano, bass, synths, everything just mashed up to get perfect sound to ears!

The album consist of five melodies and instrumentals: Cold Flame, Escape, Fusion, Revive, Pathway and Trip. To be honest my favourites are Cold flame, Pathway and trip. It is my first album and wasn’t that good so no advertising till now lol, here doing a lil’ bit. I’d never made a music before so this was just like trying to make something y’all can say..it is a practice album.. learning new hobby!

Visit Music page to give it a try! Comments and guidance welcomed!

Musical notes!

Music album review..

A review of an EP album “Reliving” by Rick van Meijel

Music has great power to change our moods. What we think, how we feel, just changes in moments. Our brain instantly becomes stress-free and we are detached from the world for a while..

The guitars, the drums and piano keys.. all perfectly synchronised to create a sound too perfect to ears, the sound too kind to our hearts to give a smile. My mind has happy dancy waves As I listen to an EP album “Reliving” by my friend Rick van Meijel 😀 It is so joyful playlist of five melodies namely – ‘The Spark‘ , ‘Fighting the Storms‘ , ‘Abandoned Roots‘ , ‘Milky Way‘ and ‘Anything‘.

The album releases on 8th June! So excited and eager to give a try to all sounds! Till now ‘The spark’ and ‘Fighting the storms’ are out!

Give it a try 😉 I am sure y’all would like it!

The Spark

Fighting the Storms



Escaping for some hours..

Hello again! 😀

It’s been very busy these days. I was tired of seeing same faces and home-school schedule. I badly wanted to go out for a change, maybe a trip or a long drive. Like just somewhere away from these things, maybe just for some hours.. escape the world and everything else.

Today my mom and dad had to go some long distance for some work. I joined in watching that opportunity! That’d be like a long drive for me 😀 I did no work today, just me and my music and winds! It was just awesome!

I had a nice coffee in evening from a stall. The entire journey i was listening to a song (Here by Alessia Cara) and loved it! The lovely trees and the scenery there was awesome! It was a hilly area, what else a nemophilist wants lol. I went to a place where all antiques were sold, there were things long back of 1940s! Made of old natural wood with beautiful carvings.

From the photography point of view I didn’t take any. Just one pic of an interior. Actually went to see my new home so this lil’ room was there near reception.

So the entire day went Awesome. Felt so good to have a change.

Have this ever happened to you that you’ve got a lot of work to do but still you escape the world and go away somewhere following your heart? 😉 I’d be happy to read your experiences!


Tingling thoughts..

Hey everyone,

How are you all doing? I usually don’t share much of my feelings but I’ll be more frequent from now. Cause I feel like and I am happy writing down in here. Firstly I am very thankful to all my followers who support and inspire me to write more. It has been a great pleasure to be a part of this community. So this one’s for you guys “Thanks for making me awesome. Be awesome and stay awesome. I’ll always be thankful to you all!”

Alright so I started this post to say something else. I am still a kid and was pondering for my future career. I love to create, love to learn art and write, but what can be the perfect career for me..

I thought about CA (Chartered Accountant). It is a course related to finance sector. It takes five busy years where I just am not sure if I will be able to continue my hobbies. Main reason I was thinking about it a lot. I can’t live without writing, music, travelling, creating art and stuff.

I wanted to talk to someone. After around a week of thinking like a mad kid I thought of a person I could talk to. The person is elder than me, won’t reveal much cause I don’t know  if the person would like it. the person actually explained me very nicely.. I am happy I could talk..

So like in the end decision came in my mind. I am continue with the same course. Of course I can keep up with one poem per week. But not sure with the weekly photo challenges. I ay be more into the art later after 6 years. Right now i am still in school so yea, one year lil’ more blogging. I will stay here always, maybe not that frequent, but yea for sure like once in 3 days I’ll come here. 🙂

So, this week ate up my head a lot. There was a time I inspired myself. Focus on the present, things will fall in place, the right thing will come to you, lol like i inspire others, same applied to me  😉 yea sometimes we need it, we need inspiration.

After all, if no black then no white & no dark then no light!

C’yall soon in next post. Till then, love life, love living, live lovingly, keep smilin’, keep soaring, and yes! just breathe! 😀