A Walk


“Every walk can have many faces or sides
It may be cheerful, lonely and wise
It may be for wiping away the pain
Maybe just for pleasure, or in vain”

A lonely walk along the road is always pleasure-giving. Just grab your favourite shoes, your jacket and lock the doors behind. Along with the doors, lock your everyday duties, your world where you exist, your pain, suffering fights, friends and everything else. With your every step you feel yourself. With every breath you inhale the positivity and exhale the negatives. Every time you blink your eyes, you wash away small dust particles of anger, sorrow and pain. You feel every cell of your body as you move forward. You surround yourself with a strange beautiful energy, an energy which gives you sense of belongingness. A sense of being YOU.

Along with that you get an ability. An ability to admire. A new sense called ‘Sense of Beauty’. You start admiring nature. Your fingers thoughtlessly move on leaves, the small bushes. Insects on trees begin to seem so mesmerising, full of inexplicable beauty. You can finally hear the birds singing and differentiate the notes of every bird.

As this process goes on, you forget your steps. They continue to move themselves. You keep moving forward, admiring and using your new sense. You have no idea of hours passed here. But you love and embrace each moment you’ve spent.

And if this walk was to dissolve your sorrow into naught, you begin to realise that

“Moving on isn’t easy
But its the most beautiful step
It takes you away from
The past where you existed…”

Let the reason be anything. Either wiping away your pain, or for escaping the world, every walk has a strange energy to make you feel your existence. A sense of being YOU.

Dear reader, it’s a great busy world. We’ve got work and goals to be completed in short notice. We will work hard. The goals will be completed. But in this race we should not forget about ourselves. Spend time with yourself, just for a break. Walks don’t kill time, they rejuvenate you and refill your potential to work on your goals. In the end, don’t forget to embrace yourself 😀

When one of your favourite flower dies…

“Death is a natural process, but love makes it a disaster”

People say that only the humans and animals are the one to be transient. But in one way or another everything has life. Everything has a time span. One day everything will end. No trees, no birds… nature just won’t exist. And this beautiful planet called earth will be no more.

Many of you may have gone through a pain, or may be suffering with the pain of death of someone close. Its hard. It’s damn hard to deal with that pain. It just isn’t easy to move on. But you know what, you are given this life cause you are strong enough to live it. It becomes hard to live without that amazing person. Just embrace those memories, embrace those beautiful moments you’ve spent with your lovely friend. That lovely dear may have done a lot for you… let the person rest now. Rest in peace… in a place which is destiny for every being, that querencia where everyone has a chance to visit once and never come back…

Every person in your life that blooms your day will go away someday. These words are not to make you sad, but to make you realise the importance of every being in this world, every bud which blooms for you…

Be grateful for earning those moments, for spending time with such a lovely being. Be happy and share kindness cause you won’t be able to do that after you die. Love every creature, every being. Give them a smile, you’ll see how nice it feels… and you’ll receive the same one day.

Never sow a seed which will sprout the feelings of regret for you. There are times when people regret for giving painful memories to their loved ones after they leave. People regret that they didn’t spend good time with them and always gave tears instead of smile. At that time people find themselves in situation which you can describe as “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…” and they feel completely broken. But it’s okay dear. We are beautifully imperfect and make mistakes.


So when your favourite flower dies

And that bright light goes out

Remember those lovely memories

When you watered it throughout

Those beautiful moments when

That flower made you smile

Most precious gift you’ve earned

Just don’t ever let it die… 


Stay happy my dear friend. You are one of the loveliest creations of God. Share kindness and love. You never know what will happen next moment.  Just keep smiling and let the positivity be alive…

Heart beats…

Hello dear reader, I would like to share a small instance of my life

So, Have you ever seen heart beats on ECG? Those machines in hospital? They have ups and downs…

This graph relates to our life perfectly. Just imagine it as straight .. No ups and downs..what does that means? It means the person isn’t alive anymore.

The life is culmination of good and bad, happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, fear and bravery and if anything of this is missing, then you aren’t living!

If you never fell down then how will you grow up?! If you never was fear of anything then how will you become brave?! If you never was weak then how will you become stronger?!

It’s important to have problems in life..to teach you about yourself and help you grow. Embrace them… Welcome them… fight them!

Did you smile after reading this? Keep that smile alive…never let it die. Its probably the most precious things you have. And ladies, its your most beautiful makeup! Have a good day and keep the positivity alive…