Art Fragments!

A lazy Sunday afternoon made me create this. The last doodle is my favourite one. This is the last page of my sketchbook.. I need to buy a new one now! 😀



Art Fragments!

It was a very tiring day. I took out my pens and created this. Just to relax my mind a bit.. Washing away daily dust of life..

Part of my Art Fragments!



Sinking in Darkness

Art Fragments!

Another pencil sketch that describes a truth untold & unseen by many humans…

It was really a beautiful experience creating this. I’ve never tried these water + ink effects before. As usual I got the original image from Pinterest. The original image had Beautiful inking so yeah I won’t post it cause mine looks worse! 😂

It was really great to try and learn something new. I believe that each creation takes us one step ahead of what we were. This surely has many flaws, I can count them.. but yes again a creation very close to my heart 🙂

I hope y’all like it. Comments and guidance always welcomed!


Art Fragments!

What would you like to have? A glass of water, or juice, or some other drink!? 😀

Here’s one for you!



Art Fragments!

I’ve got something new to share today. I’ve decided that I will be sharing my art pieces here too. They all will be placed under the category “Art Fragments”. I hope you like them.

These art are mostly not originally created. I got the original picture from pinterest and drew it. Pinterest is the actual source for all my art creations. Hope you like them and enjoy this new part of journey!


And yes, Have and awesome day ahead! Love life and love living!

Do you like it? 😀