A coffee break

Everyday just this place, same mug of coffee, same table, same chair, which is too comfy.. helps me rest my bones, the muscles that are sore from the work that feels like a chore.. will there be a day when I don’t need a break to calm my mind from these stressful days? or it will be the same disgrace, boring job of nine to five and a big long wait everyday for this coffee break? at least I get a coffee break though..

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  1. CareSA says:

    Glad your’e back. I’m missing your drawings ! 😊

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    1. Honey Barapatre says:

      Hey! it’s pleasure to see someone remembers lol. How have you been? how’s life? 😀 I have been busy with my exams lately so no much drawings.. only writings, some melodies 🙂 not posting much of art here to thought i should keep this blog for writings only hehe i will see in future prolly start posting them soon. Thank you for your lovely words!

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      1. CareSA says:

        When you have the time don’t be shy to show off all your creativity – but especially your drawings, I just love them❤, and they inspire me to draw too. !! 😃 Good luck with the exams

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      2. Honey Barapatre says:

        Sure!! I’ll share them soon but for now i just got some writings hehe
        Take care have a good day! ❤


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