Who am I?

Who am I?

Do people I hurt and mistakes I make
Those unfortunate situations I was, and had put people in.. defines me?..

Or it is the everyday breeze of something that makes time freeze.. I feel comfort and lost in my own deeds.. keep working on whatever I am working.. also called “passion” by my fellow beings
So does this passion defines me?

It it is something else, little personalised in sense.. what I show to the world who I am.. the little acts of kindness, being a little selfless.. staying in relationship with humanity or insanity?
Is that what defines me?

Or it’s the wilderness of being different and crazy?

Or the ability to look at the world differently?

Or my everyday repeated daily routines
At night miscellaneous and mega tasks all checked

Is there something else still left to guess?

I don’t know what defines me.. but I do know that I will live true, stay me.. until I go..

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  1. That’s the only way to go 👌🏾

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    1. Honey Barapatre says:

      Yes indeed! Have a good day! 😀

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  2. DaviEnzioKar says:

    The questions that haunts us and answers we seek are what makes us stronger. I always tell “Looking at the window, is that a saviour outside my window? or is that a reflection of me?” … the point is that, the answer to all questions that deal with your career lies in your mind and answer to all questions that deal with your life lies in your heart. Trust your instincts. They are never wrong ⭐️ … beautifully written by the way sis 🙂👍🏻

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    1. Honey Barapatre says:

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful words 🙂 I am glad you liked it.. I just noted down anything that came in my mind in a little lyrical way.. guess that’s what remnants are about. Have a beautiful day!

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      1. DaviEnzioKar says:

        You are always welcome 🙂, Best Wishes 👍🏻⭐️Beautiful day to you too 🙂

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