When life kills, a therapy is needed, just to calm your nerves and re-enter the balanced phase of life. You never know if life is going to give you some happy moments or more of challenging ones. All we have to do is – ‘Chin up, big smile, keep walkin’ 

A small art I created a while back just to escape the world..original ideas from Pinterest.

Instance from Art fragments..


7 thoughts on “Therapy

      1. Ideas may be apart,
        But still the elegance of bringing life to the art is from your cart,
        In the attempt of creation,
        You have made an re-invention,
        To rejuvenate and liberate.

        Thank you for the grateful pot 🙂. Inspiring palette for You 🎨

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      2. I am flattered by your words and honoured to make you happy 🥳! Living to “throw happiness and kindness like a confetti” haha 😉.
        Stay happy and expressive. Keep doing what you do best 👌🏻🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re amazing seriously 🙂 I have no words to say you and you know what I have one close friend same like you she’s always say chin up, big smile🙂 and today you reminded me my special Best friend 🙂

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