Flat lay

I have hear a lot about the flat lay photography, thought I should try with the work area theme.. here it is!

Just a part of free minded photography… snapshots of life..!



A very random moment. I was on a short water break when accidently some drops made their way towards my rough notes

Just a part of free minded photography..Snapshots of life..!



When life kills, a therapy is needed, just to calm your nerves and re-enter the balanced phase of life. You never know if life is going to give you some happy moments or more of challenging ones. All we have to do is – ‘Chin up, big smile, keep walkin’ 

A small art I created a while back just to escape the world..original ideas from Pinterest.

Instance from Art fragments..


Island of Feelings

There was an island where all feelings lived. One day there was a flood and all the land was swept.. one single boat for all feelings to get in… ‘Love’ waited for all like a captain of humanity.. but ‘Ego’ refused to come, said it won’t get into ship.. ‘Love’ died because of ‘Ego’, it just perished..