Tree Top


Sometimes we just need to look around to find the perfect beauty.. I looked up walking under a tree and found it!

Part of free minded Photography… Snapshots of life ❤

Happy Anniversary!

Thankful pot overflowing!!


Happy birthday Inspire Art! 🎉🎁

It was 14 June 2017. I had wrote my first ever ballad of my life. It was an inspirational ballad. A long poesy.. I wanted to inspire the world.

My brother told me about blogging. I didn’t even knew what blogging is. He told me it’s like writing our own stories. He didn’t even tell me clearly. I was mad lol. So I searched on internet and got this place WordPress. So got in!

Initially the name of website was Get Inspired, which later changed to Inspire Art as my own personal plan which displays all my works: writing, music, art and photography.

I never imagined so many people would like my blog/website. It feels like a dream. My grateful pot is overflowing.. it’s like an epiphany. Not just because of this anniversary.. but one more thing.. earning 365 followers in 365 days! This is truly a unique thing! I am just so very happy! 😀

Thank you for the love, kindness and support. These miracle 365-365 is great. This is miracle! I don’t know if ever happened with anyone! I am lucky!

My hearty gratitude to every reader of my posts. All my WordPress as well as email followers. I’ve got my best music ever created and an inspirational poesy for ya guys. Just in the name of goodness, love, kindness, humanity and peace.

Thank You!!! ❤😀

Sinking in Darkness

Art Fragments!

Another pencil sketch that describes a truth untold & unseen by many humans…

It was really a beautiful experience creating this. I’ve never tried these water + ink effects before. As usual I got the original image from Pinterest. The original image had Beautiful inking so yeah I won’t post it cause mine looks worse! 😂

It was really great to try and learn something new. I believe that each creation takes us one step ahead of what we were. This surely has many flaws, I can count them.. but yes again a creation very close to my heart 🙂

I hope y’all like it. Comments and guidance always welcomed!