Cup of Tea

Weekly Photo Challenge!

Awakening Photo challenge

Awakening in the morning and energising with a fresh hot cup, just a perfect start for the day. The vapours making different patterns bid farewell from that cup. Every sip takes away all laziness and leaves us fresh for the rest of the day.

In response to weekly photo challenge I present this cup of tea for all friends. Enjoy! 😉

Photo Challenge: Awakening


This is my first short story. Hope you guys like it. Help me know about that with your views so that I can improve 🙂

It was winter season of December in Switzerland. Snow had recently stopped leaving a lovely view with trees covered with snow. This exquisite view could be seen from the window of a small cottage in the village near the mountains.

“Hey Mom! It looks like Olaf! See I’ve made it so nice, it just needs a nose”

This joyful voice was of a little kid named Timo. He was overjoyed after making his first ever snowman whom he dreamt to be alive!

Mom wore a beautiful pleasant smile on her face. Her hands were busy taking out warm and delicious cookies from the oven, just baked. She put them down and took out her gloves, handed a small carrot to Timo..

“Here you go dear, take you carrot and make you snowman’s nose. I’ll clean up here and come to see my son’s first snowman! I’ll be there in 10 minutes!” She kissed Timo’s forehead and got back to work.

She cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. In the meanwhile Timo settled carrot nose on his snowman’s snowy face and sat near the window staring at it, living in daydreams, playing with snowman in his dreamland..

“Lost in your dreamland, Timo? Oh! Look at that! It’s so beautiful lovely snowman! Very nice dear I am so proud of you!” Mom came in surprised to see a small snowman in the garden.

Timo was brought back from his dream land through these words. He looked up at his mom who was standing with a plate delicious cookies, Timo’s favourite flavour, Choco Almond.

He grinned and hugged his mom, grabbed a cookie and enjoyed its first bite.

“Mom this is so tasty!!”

“Yes son I made them for you. I know these ones are you favourites” Mom replied with a lovely broad smiley face

“Thank you mom! You are the best!” Timo was overjoyed and sat on the couch eating cookies.

They both settles down making themselves warm near the chimney. Mom looked up through a magazine while eating cookies while Timo still staring at his snowman through the window and lost in his daydreams.

“Mom why do we have seasons? Can’t I enjoy entire life in winter making so many snowmans?!”

Timo asked this with a sweet and serious expression. He was enjoying his favourite season holidays and never wished to go back to school.

Mom smiled and looked out of the window towards the snowy trees and beauty of the season.

“Child, nature has seasons. It is simply made in that way. In fact, everything has seasons. You see a little plant grow into a big tree. Soon you will also grow taller and become a big man”

“Yes mom! I’ll grow taller! I’ll become tall like daddy one day!” Timo exclaimed with full excitement.

“Yes child you will. Let me explain it to you. These seasons help the plant to grow. In rainy season, they get water which are absorbed by the roots and transported to all parts of plant. The autumn is the fall season, when all the leave of the trees fall down. The trees are empty! They look ugly but beautiful! Then you have spring in which trees bloom and you can see fruits, flowers and a very joyful pleasing environment. This is like achieving a great thing.

Same is with our lives dear. We have seasons which are defined by situations and our feelings. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we may feel overjoyed and alive, sometimes we may feel depressed but everything helps us to grow like plant. You can compare our happy times with spring, sad times with autumn and alive overjoyed times with rains, they all are connected. Each season, each feeling is important for us. It help us to learn living, help us to grow. We should just be grateful for what we have and learn from our mistakes.

“Cause seasons are meant for change

And change is meant for growth

Be grateful for every season

Imprinting life lessons in you, it goes”

Mom looked at Timo and saw him asleep on the couch. The little boy was tired after playing. She smiled and covered him with a blanket.

Dew Drops!

Weekly Photo Challenge!

In response to the weekly challenge Smile 🙂


I am a nemophilist, a nature love, haunter of woods. It’s spring-summer season here in my place. Last morning when I woke up I was very happy to see this beauty in my plant. The dew drops decorated the leaves and that gave me a perfect beautiful morning smile.


This is an inspiring ballad about a city of darkness where there is no happiness. The city marks one of the darkest times of our life, time when everything feels weak and we have no more strengths to move on..

I was lost in unknown land

A place I’d never been

The nameless place of darkness

Where evils ruled within

I could find people like me

Who were depressed and wept in sorrow

They said life has betrayed them

And got all happiness swallowed

Some people lived in this land

Others named the city “Black”

They said it is negative place

Where happiness simply lacks

It’s filled with scars and pain

The pain inevitable and inexplicable

But some angels told me with grace

That scars are always notable

“Black” may feel like hell

The place hated by all

Like drowning in deepest oceans

But was pathway to heaven afterall

The gateway may not be so pleasing

You may turn away from the road

But travelling across the city is meant

For legends who choose to soar

It is an exploration

Finding our inner strengths

Cause you don’t know how strong you are

Until it’s the only option left

When you find yourself in this city

When you feel lost in oblivion

Remember it’s city of dark

To help you make your own mark

Get up. Stand up and fight!

Work harder to travel across

In the other end of the city

People with strongest scars are born

So child realise the truth

We are given this life to live

To suffer pain and soar across

Cause we are strong enough to live

Find the shine within you

Cause you are lighthouse in the dark

And only in darkest skies you’ll find

The shine of brightest stars! ✨