Weekly photo challenge!

I tried, but didn’t get that good view for this weeks challenge 🤔 Yea but still, i hope you like this window pane of lovely rainy days, when the water kissed the window with its small tiny droplets washing away all dust. 😊

In response to the weekly photo challenge…


3 Day 3 Quote – Day 3

Strong words!


For sure we need to rest after working hard. The best way to keep going is to celebrate your every small victory! So just go ahead for a short break and you’ll be surprised to see how effectively you are able to work the next day. Also you are more happier and enthusiastic to achieve your next goal. So you are allowed to take a break but not to quit!



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3 Day 3 Quote – Day 2

Strong Words!


Stay ignited! You are given this life cause you are strong enough to live it. Set goals. Be productive. And shine like the brightest star of night sky



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Hope you enjoy this ballad. I do agree it’s a bit long but yea, i enjoyed creating it! Hope you enjoy reading it too!

A lost traveller is always ready

To face obstacles and is steady

Emergency kits and additional maps

Good to go and on with caps

They start their journey down the lane

To quench the thrust to travel again

To explore unknown lands of earth

To gain value for their birth

An ecstasy to earn an epiphany

To get the shoes more dirty

To face and rise above barriers

For their soul to be declared as warriors

The travellers usually have got a map

To find their way when they are trapped

They estimate distance and directions to walk

“Getting lost” fear is still there to stalk

They may go in wrong directions

But soon they’ll find that it isn’t the path

There’ll be time when they’ll know

About the path to be chosen at last

They make estimates again

And check the compass and pass the trail

By continuous effort they find their way

“Finally I made it” the quote to say

My dear, this is paralleled with life

We all are on a journey to rise

The travellers proceeding towards our destination

And there is a part called sacrifice

Sacrifice your fear of heights

Sacrifice the demons inside

Or else they’ll eat you up from within

To succeed this is the only price

I promise you’ll get moments to live

The glorious memories to remember

Before you reach your destination

And the death bed processions begin

We don’t have maps like travellers do

We don’t have compass to decide right trails

But we do have your heart that speaks

Louder than these mapping scales

Follow your heart and you are on right path

It’s like a clue or hints it shows

Take care, stay away from what people say

Cause or else you’ll find yourself on the wrong road

Your soul is created in that way

It will speak when the time will arise

The maps are inbuilt in your brain

And shall show up when you are drained

The hardship shall always pay off

You shall always rise

Only if you follow your heart

And pay that correct prize

Child you need to realise

The miracles you can achieve

The power lies within your soul

Will guide you if you hear

Stay strong stay blessed and shine

Leave all your fears behind

Listen to your heart and mind

The actual path of peace and divine

3 Days 3 Quotes challenge – Day 1

Strong words!

Firstly I’d love to thank my friend Abhijit Padmakumar for nominating to spread Inspiration! 😉 Do check his blog, he has amazing empowering posts kind of everyday inspirations. This is really a great nomination cause i love spreading inspiration around! It creates more positive environment 😊 . To be honest I don’t usually go ahead with any nominations, but this is a different one! 😀 Spreading strength and courage is something I can’t look back from.

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Day 1


Keep Going! When you feel like quitting ask why you started. Love what you do and do what you love. There is nothing in this world you can’t achieve. You are born with that power within you. The strength to achieve your goals lie within you. you are a traveller on the quest getting hints from life about the trails. Keep going!