F, E, A, R

Fall. Fail. Rise!

These four letters – F, E, A and R can be seen in two ways. Either they can be seen as four letters making a single word or they can be abbreviated to give two different meanings. What abbreviations of fear can you make? Let us know in comments below! 😉
The word fear refers to an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat or danger or harm. The fear can be about anything – uncertain about reaching a goal, fear of breaking a relation or sometimes even fear of starting something new. We all are scared. Its a part of our life, but overcoming fear is also a part of our lives..

“We must travel in the direction of our fear” – John Berry Man

Most common fear is the fear of failing, not being able to achieve something. It’s very simple, if your soul is happy with what you do, then definitely you shall reach your goal someday. Do what you love and love what you do. Welcome the challenges and obstacles with beautiful garlands, don’t fear them. If you fail, you learn. Challenges come to teach us new things and make us stronger.
You’ve got two options – The abbreviated forms.




Face everything that comes in life. Prove yourself to yourself for yourself! You are stronger because of your hard times and wiser because of your mistakes.

Don’t be afraid of dark, the little one

Brightest stars shine in the darkest skies

Do not underestimate yourself, you are no less than sun

Let your soul learn to be strong and wise!

Fall. Fail. Rise!

Stay strong. Face and overcome fears. Live and love your choices. And remember, you are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Be you. Love yourself. Keep smiling. Stay blessed!

Expressing Gratitudes

Be thankful everyday…

This letter is for our God, angel, or anyone who we believe as our guiding light. To anything we believe, any religion, any important person, nature, universe, infinite powers, or just life or anything. Y’all are free to decide that…

To ________________

Since years I’ve been walking, just heading forward on this road of my life journey. Sometimes I ran being crazy in happiness. Sometimes I stumbled upon the stones on my way and fell down. Sometimes I sobbed and felt like a broken angel. Sometimes I showed strength and fought like a warrior. This road marks my victories, failures, and of course, my mistakes as well…

Here I present, a letter of gratitude to express my happiness and heartfelt of gladness for travelling on this road. Gratitudes for giving me this life to live, those happy days, smiles on my face and my dear ones. Gratitudes for all those surprising happy moments, laughing and playing with friends, giggling and being silly sometimes, enjoying my guilty pleasures. Gratitudes for bringing so many beautiful people in my life who have always loved and cared for me, my family, friends and my dear beings.

My heartfelt gratitudes for letting me stumble and fall on this road, so that I get hurt. The scars are still there reminding me of the life lessons I’ve learnt, more than my mistakes.

Thank you for giving me strength for facing most difficult challenges in life. Thank you for letting me be who I am today. I thank you for my imperfection, scars and memories. At last but not the least, thank you for giving me this day to live and giving me one more chance to smile..

Yours Sincerely

Servant of humanity

The Plight of Birds

Work hard and reach the stars!

Welcome back readers! its been a while I couldn’t spread smiles on your faces. I apologise. I promise there’s something special in progress just for you all dear readers. Thanks for the patience 🙂

“Look deeper into the nature and you’ll understand everything better”

You may have read this quote somewhere. I personally have many times. It has a very simple meaning – nature inspires from every side, no matter what kind of perception you hold, we always have something to learn from it.

They say that birds are the magic creatures of nature. Birds are generally symbolised as peace and freedom. Apart from that they teach us a lot – relation between our choices, dreams and actions.

Firstly, freedom to choose our own path. There are many birds who travel alone. Being unique and away from their flock. They are actually the strongest one who decide to live their lives alone. In other words, if you have dreams which are different from those of people around you, its perfectly fine. You have your own choices. Humanity states that you are free to choose and this applies almost everywhere – religion, career, relations, everything. If you are determined and your soul agrees with your choice, then the question arises, “What are you waiting for?”. No bird learned to fly without falling. Neither will you. Go, just make a start!

Secondly, be determined. Stay focused! All migratory birds have their own routes in which they travel. If they want to live, they’ll have to cover thousands of miles finding their favourable conditions. They have strength in their wings. Their wings are designed in such a way that they are able to fly long distance. Similarly you are given this life because you are strong enough to live it. The strength to reach your goals lies within you. The power to continue the journey on you desired path is embedded in your soul. Throw yourself ahead. Work hard and let the success be your voice.

The last. But not the least. Everything has limits. The birds can’t fly after a limit. The atmosphere ends and they die. Don’t make wrong choices that lead destruction. If your path is through destruction, you will not succeed. That will be the end of earth’s atmosphere. Everything has limits except true love and humanity. Be free to choose and free from ego as well!

Choose what is right. make your own choices. You are the creator of your future. Remember, birds don’t learn to fly in one day. They fall. Your scars are proof you are trying. Be proud of them. Stay strong and live your dream life! Have a great day readers!! ✨⛅😃