A Walk


“Every walk can have many faces or sides
It may be cheerful, lonely and wise
It may be for wiping away the pain
Maybe just for pleasure, or in vain”

A lonely walk along the road is always pleasure-giving. Just grab your favourite shoes, your jacket and lock the doors behind. Along with the doors, lock your everyday duties, your world where you exist, your pain, suffering fights, friends and everything else. With your every step you feel yourself. With every breath you inhale the positivity and exhale the negatives. Every time you blink your eyes, you wash away small dust particles of anger, sorrow and pain. You feel every cell of your body as you move forward. You surround yourself with a strange beautiful energy, an energy which gives you sense of belongingness. A sense of being YOU.

Along with that you get an ability. An ability to admire. A new sense called ‘Sense of Beauty’. You start admiring nature. Your fingers thoughtlessly move on leaves, the small bushes. Insects on trees begin to seem so mesmerising, full of inexplicable beauty. You can finally hear the birds singing and differentiate the notes of every bird.

As this process goes on, you forget your steps. They continue to move themselves. You keep moving forward, admiring and using your new sense. You have no idea of hours passed here. But you love and embrace each moment you’ve spent.

And if this walk was to dissolve your sorrow into naught, you begin to realise that

“Moving on isn’t easy
But its the most beautiful step
It takes you away from
The past where you existed…”

Let the reason be anything. Either wiping away your pain, or for escaping the world, every walk has a strange energy to make you feel your existence. A sense of being YOU.

Dear reader, it’s a great busy world. We’ve got work and goals to be completed in short notice. We will work hard. The goals will be completed. But in this race we should not forget about ourselves. Spend time with yourself, just for a break. Walks don’t kill time, they rejuvenate you and refill your potential to work on your goals. In the end, don’t forget to embrace yourself 😀

23 thoughts on “A Walk

      1. You too my dear friend 😊🤗❤✨ thank you for making my day awessoomee too!!
        Keep smilin’ and stay Awesome! 😃🔥 keep that fire within you alive!!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes! Very true. We get to learn things about ourselves which we cannot in everyday busy schedule. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day! ⛅

      Liked by 1 person

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