A Walk


“Every walk can have many faces or sides
It may be cheerful, lonely and wise
It may be for wiping away the pain
Maybe just for pleasure, or in vain”

A lonely walk along the road is always pleasure-giving. Just grab your favourite shoes, your jacket and lock the doors behind. Along with the doors, lock your everyday duties, your world where you exist, your pain, suffering fights, friends and everything else. With your every step you feel yourself. With every breath you inhale the positivity and exhale the negatives. Every time you blink your eyes, you wash away small dust particles of anger, sorrow and pain. You feel every cell of your body as you move forward. You surround yourself with a strange beautiful energy, an energy which gives you sense of belongingness. A sense of being YOU.

Along with that you get an ability. An ability to admire. A new sense called ‘Sense of Beauty’. You start admiring nature. Your fingers thoughtlessly move on leaves, the small bushes. Insects on trees begin to seem so mesmerising, full of inexplicable beauty. You can finally hear the birds singing and differentiate the notes of every bird.

As this process goes on, you forget your steps. They continue to move themselves. You keep moving forward, admiring and using your new sense. You have no idea of hours passed here. But you love and embrace each moment you’ve spent.

And if this walk was to dissolve your sorrow into naught, you begin to realise that

“Moving on isn’t easy
But its the most beautiful step
It takes you away from
The past where you existed…”

Let the reason be anything. Either wiping away your pain, or for escaping the world, every walk has a strange energy to make you feel your existence. A sense of being YOU.

Dear reader, it’s a great busy world. We’ve got work and goals to be completed in short notice. We will work hard. The goals will be completed. But in this race we should not forget about ourselves. Spend time with yourself, just for a break. Walks don’t kill time, they rejuvenate you and refill your potential to work on your goals. In the end, don’t forget to embrace yourself 😀

Countryside Visit

Visit to countryside are always amazing experiences. We get to connect with nature, farms, the greens and the blues, places free of pollution.

Last week I went to my native place in countryside. Away from busy streets and concrete jungles, felt like I had finally Escaped. For the entire week I was into music and writing. I wrote many stories and ballads. Will share with y’all soon

To be honest I initially had plans for these holidays. I had decided to complete some portions from the school syllabus, a bit of accountancy and math. But then I left it and did nothing. I knew that when I go back to the city I’ll have to spend sleepless nights studying or will have to start the day quite early for an entire week as my portions were far behind and it was hard to cope up with the classes.

But still, I decided to live these days. To embrace every moment of this week. I come to my native place quite less…around once in 2-3 years. Every year there are may changes. Infrastructural work and development is changing the images of these places.

The train journey was great. Beautiful lakes, rivers, valleys and jungles. There wasn’t a minuet my eyes went away from the window.

I visited my aunt during these days. I was amazed to see such a beautiful organic garden at her home. Various fruits, veggies and different flowering plants as well! She said she’ll plant many others next week. It was great roaming around there, just talking to every leaf as my fingers thoughtlessly moved over them, a strange connection mingled us, gave a sense of pleasure and never-ending peace.

I was delighted
My senses rejuvenated
Brain waves were summoned
And my thoughts long forgotten

I was mingled with
Serene smell and dust
Like a winged happy creature
Flying high above the crust..

Here are some pictures..


If you ever get a chance to visit such place then just get into it. Forget the city, duties, office and work for a while. That feeling is amazing. You are going to love the essence of being you. Till then, keep smilin’ and let the positivity be alive cause there’s always something to be grateful for! Take care dear readers.. 🙂


A short ballad on creating a positive attitude and coping up with changes…

The time when everything is normal

The moment which is quite familiar and expected

The hour pre – planned perfectly in mind

Those known moments are always respected

Our brains have already made us visualize

Some specific moments of our future

Since hours they are anticipated and precise

The ones which we begin to nurture

But later when you come to know

About the changes which emerges from aught

And your mind goes blank with naught

You recall normal days for which you fought

But dear, life gives you another chance to learn

To learn from that special war

To cope with the changes, it wants to teach

To turn pain into power every hour

We all are adaptable to changes

And have thousands of them throughout our life

Some cope up with them quickly

Others are equally respected for their time

This coping strength depends on

The way we welcome the change

Don’t panic, it’s just a part of life

Like winter, summers and rains

A new day with new resolutions

New imaginations and new goals

Try to build positive temptations

For trying new games and roles

Let this beautiful start begin

Let change change our lifestyle

Just welcome them with grace

And love life until you exile



A short ballad on escaping the materialistic life for a while and enjoying the sense of living, the sense of being alive…

Far away from the city

Away from the chaos

Away from busy streets

And hectic life which goes

Away from my friends

From social links and goals

Away from street lights

Which when dark brightly glows

Away from home

Away from family

Away from comfort

Away from galleries

Of memories and moments

She had in past life

Of victories and defeats

Her heart carries inside

But, with the nature

With silence and peace

With the potent which

Revives and grease

Her flaws and faults

Freeing her from the sins

Taking away her soul

To nurture and rinse

With a strange emptiness inside

Lost many things but not everything

A wish to hold that experience awhile

To break time bounds for this meeting

With the sense of being oneself

Sense of being alive

Living that very moment

For herself without ego and pride

With this alive feeling of being

She has escaped materialistic life

Until death she longs to be here

And continue her heavenly plight…