Seeded Wishes

A short ballad on working hard for our dreams & wishes to see them come true. They just won’t come alive without efforts. Work now and you will reap someday. 

Millions of wishes of thousands of people

The things which you would like to do

That enthusiasm disappears like water ripples

That moment when we realise they won’t come true

You may want to travel different places with friends

You may wish to go for a holiday tour

You may wish to gift your dear, a perfect present

Would have imagined your seed before it grows

Those wishes remain like awaited seed

Seeds so still and stable inside you

Making it cozy home in your heart

Hoping. by your actions, to soon be heard

In stable silent calmness they lie

With hopes alive impossible to die

All dreaming to become a plant one day

To spread colours instead of staying grey

Your wishes won’t come true this way

If you just ‘wish’ and leave them in dismay

Getting edgy when they don’t fulfil

To be honest, the way lies in your will

“Work hard in silence and let the success be your noise”

You may have heard this from your inner voice

“No pain. No gain” is what they say

Work for your dreams don’t leave them void

Start working now! Don’t procrastinate

To live your dreams work every date

Prove you’re strong to fruit-fil your wishes

“Live life to express, not to impress!”

Get your plans organised and goals precise

Give your seeds enough nutrients to rise

Learn how to rest when you are tired

Cause quitting here will just be a satire!



Humanity does exist…

14th November. The date is celebrated as children’s day in our country, India. Our school conducted a nice programme for all of us. Teacher’s performing for the students, as we did on teacher’s day. Everything was as fine and as great as could be.

While leaving, it was around 13:00 hrs, we decided to go for a nice outing to beach and some fun places. All plans were set. Me and my group was excited. Packing up everything we left our school and went to nearest bus stop. There were some more friends who were going to join. We all were just chatting and eating, all normal stuffs what friends do while waiting…

While waiting for them, we met a person. She was a bit old lady, not so much but yeah you can call it as I am not good at guessing ages and is least concerned about it. She came to us and asked which bus she should take for the nearest railway station. We told her the bus number. It was 137.

The lady started a nice interaction with us and told about herself. She was single and has worked in a school organization for 22 years. She had to leave because of some illness. Whatever she earned was for the donation and kept very less for herself. She is personally a writer and an artist as well. And wants to change the education system of carrying heavy bags and so much burden for kids. She is going to join our school very soon. These words touched me “I am not joining the school as a teacher, but as a sweet mother of sweet children”. So nice of her.

To be honest there are evils in our society. The mean people are spread all around the globe. But literally, even in the small towns and houses such positive energy exist. Servants of humanity are there as well. They work day and night to serve. Its amazing to know that even today there such selfless people. It gives me a hope that our dream will come true one day. One day peace will be the only one that rules the world.

When one of your favourite flower dies…

“Death is a natural process, but love makes it a disaster”

People say that only the humans and animals are the one to be transient. But in one way or another everything has life. Everything has a time span. One day everything will end. No trees, no birds… nature just won’t exist. And this beautiful planet called earth will be no more.

Many of you may have gone through a pain, or may be suffering with the pain of death of someone close. Its hard. It’s damn hard to deal with that pain. It just isn’t easy to move on. But you know what, you are given this life cause you are strong enough to live it. It becomes hard to live without that amazing person. Just embrace those memories, embrace those beautiful moments you’ve spent with your lovely friend. That lovely dear may have done a lot for you… let the person rest now. Rest in peace… in a place which is destiny for every being, that querencia where everyone has a chance to visit once and never come back…

Every person in your life that blooms your day will go away someday. These words are not to make you sad, but to make you realise the importance of every being in this world, every bud which blooms for you…

Be grateful for earning those moments, for spending time with such a lovely being. Be happy and share kindness cause you won’t be able to do that after you die. Love every creature, every being. Give them a smile, you’ll see how nice it feels… and you’ll receive the same one day.

Never sow a seed which will sprout the feelings of regret for you. There are times when people regret for giving painful memories to their loved ones after they leave. People regret that they didn’t spend good time with them and always gave tears instead of smile. At that time people find themselves in situation which you can describe as “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…” and they feel completely broken. But it’s okay dear. We are beautifully imperfect and make mistakes.


So when your favourite flower dies

And that bright light goes out

Remember those lovely memories

When you watered it throughout

Those beautiful moments when

That flower made you smile

Most precious gift you’ve earned

Just don’t ever let it die… 


Stay happy my dear friend. You are one of the loveliest creations of God. Share kindness and love. You never know what will happen next moment.  Just keep smiling and let the positivity be alive…