Love the Way You Live! 

I had today a bit free with less daily goals, so decided to write something. Hope you like this ballad. 


We live our life in our own way

Dancing in the rain or snacks by the bay

Working through day and rest at night

And every life with a different plight

Thousands of people, thousands of plight

Waking every morning through a new light

Some do reckon and get obsessed

And some get times to feel depressed

Okay I agree times are hard

But you can find happiness everyday

In some small instances in your life

Which you never see in your pain

Bad day becomes because of bad thoughts

Not because of a bad experience

It’s your mind that keeps thinking bout’ it

And this is what makes the difference

Everyday is a new opportunity

To create and learn something

To embrace your faults and skills

And experience new thrills

Shakespeare quotes “World’s a stage

And men and women merely players”

We play our part and go away

And disappear in sunlight glares

We have got only one chance to live

Let’s live the way we want

Love the way we live our lives

And ignore the things which haunt!


New Beginnings

It took me some time to write this. I had a bit busy days. Some last couple of months were a bit depressing, had some sad stuffs in mind. So I wrote this as clear as the title, new beginnings. 


After all the deadly wars

When time has healed our scars

With one little hope of light

And a try to forget our frights

A small heart with a brontide

Enough to overcome any tide

Comes out of ash and dust

From dark incinerated past

This exquisite process starts

With a deep desire for change

We emerge from our wabbits 

And feel something strange

Awaking from dark sweven

We find our lost querencia

Which lend us a seed of hope

With our minds lost in eunoia

And those thoughts, so intense

Far deeper than ravines

The thoughts which help us start

New life by changing time

Child life is sometimes dark

But light is never dead

Have quoted this before

At times have heard and said

But we realized it today

That it really does make sense

So lets held ourselves a bouquet

For having great strengths

Cause moving on isn’t easy

But it’s most beautiful step

As it takes us far away

From the past where we existed…