A letter…

A letter from all the fans around the world expressing their gratitude to great legendary vocalist.


Sir Chester Bennington

Lead Vocalist

Linkin Park

Los Angles

21st July 2017

              Sir, We are the LP soldiers. This letter is written to thank you for everything. Your voice inspired all of us. Every song sung by you had a feeling. They taught us how to live the life. They taught us to be original. To be strong in sorrow and pain. For most of us, you were the inspiration. You were the light that was there every night. Your voice was sweeter and more calming than angels. Your songs were true. Moreover, you were a very great friend. A great friend of all of us. We all will remember you throughout our lives. You guided our life like the northern star. You will always be in our heart. We respect you.

LP soldiers



2 thoughts on “A letter…

  1. Very beautiful. Made me wipe a tear for sure! I didn’t know where to reply so this is the 1st post I clicked on. Just wanted to say your blog is looking great! Keep it up! Keep inspiring! You go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot dear. Ya I wrote this long back.. ✨😊 it felt good after expressing my feelings.
      For sure I’ll keep spreading smiles. 😊😊
      Keep soaring dear! ❤✨ Love life and stay strong! 😄🤗


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