Warm welcome 

Today when I was walking down the street after school, I noticed a small sapling which spurred its head out of the ground. That little new creature was extremely mesmerizing to me. I really don’t know why but I just kept on thinking about it until I reached home. Here are some of my thoughts…

Hello new plant, 

             Welcome to this amazing planet called earth. This is the most beautiful planet. The home of most beautiful thing ever existed, your mother, The Mother Nature. Feel blessed to come on this amazing planet. Feel blessed to have such a great mother whose soul is made of serenity and peace. An immortal soul which will always be there to guide you. The soul of which now you have become a part and it lies within you. And there will be a day when you grow up. You will be big tree and home for hundreds of other creatures. 

Your life is a blessing for all the creatures who are alive in this planet. Your value will increase along with time. Its in you destiny to be selfless and serve others. You will be a life giver one day. And even if you grow up I will love you the same as I do today. You are a beautiful little plant. And I, being a nemophilist, promise you that one day I will come again to meet you. Have a happy life journey little plant.

Your well wisher

Heart beats…

Hello dear reader, I would like to share a small instance of my life

So, Have you ever seen heart beats on ECG? Those machines in hospital? They have ups and downs…

This graph relates to our life perfectly. Just imagine it as straight .. No ups and downs..what does that means? It means the person isn’t alive anymore.

The life is culmination of good and bad, happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, fear and bravery and if anything of this is missing, then you aren’t living!

If you never fell down then how will you grow up?! If you never was fear of anything then how will you become brave?! If you never was weak then how will you become stronger?!

It’s important to have problems in life..to teach you about yourself and help you grow. Embrace them… Welcome them… fight them!

Did you smile after reading this? Keep that smile alive…never let it die. Its probably the most precious things you have. And ladies, its your most beautiful makeup! Have a good day and keep the positivity alive…

Embrace the Imperfection 

We all have some imperfections. Asking me? Yep I have many. Lets just embrace them and think about the brighter side. After all we’ve got just one life to live…

“Embrace the glorious mess you are… beautifully imperfect!”

Life’s a game and times are hard

There will be times when you feel apart

A game with lots of woven traps

Traps which will break you right to cracks

It isn’t new if I say to stay strong

To embrace the right and oppose the wrong

Not to be afraid to stand alone

Leave those who want to get you gone

Said and heard this million times

Ever felt like these are just rhymes?

Easy to read but hard to stay

These cobwebs and woven traps in way

Its okay if you feel heavy

Mental strength differs in everyone

Not your fault in such situation

Just be YOU, don’t long perfection

Embrace the glorious mess you are

Quit the perfect – imperfect war

Adorn yourself with serenity

Go, get peace with your emacity

We all have our own colours

These colours reflect our talent

Be proud to have a unique one

As together we make iridescent!