The Dark Shade…

An inspiring ballad on death of the loved ones. To stay strong. After all, life’s a cocktail and we should savor every flavour 🙂


When everything goes right

Something’s ready to give you frights

They just wait for a moment

To end your happiness in sight

It comes like a wrecking ball

Faster than the speed of light

Goes away giving you

Emptiness and cold blood inside

When this all happened

I was sitting on my bed

It was four in the morning

Working with math trying best

I got a message in my android

That let me devoid

Gave me frights and shrills

And cold blood stood chill

I dropped my pen that moment

Got feelings cold and low

Immediately felt so sick

That moment went without a glow

Completely filled in darkness

Saw out of the window

Felt like just a crack

In this castle of glass

And there was an owl who

Seemed like consoling me

Telling a truth of life

Time + cracks are heals

“Adopt the pace of nature

Her secret is patience”

Throw out your pain

In form of tears or screams

I promise after that

You’ll feel relaxed and calm

Just need to sit in silence

And believe for no more harm

“We learn what doesn’t kills us

And makes us more stronger”

To be audacious and stand

The waves of frights more longer

Human heartbeats have proved

That life is never steady

There are ups and downs

Straight line means dead and empty

So be strong in this play

And let it continue today

Have courage to face your fears

And enjoy a bit by the bay!


Seize the Day!

In this busy world we forget to live want we want. Here’s a  short ballad which to inspire for enjoying every day of your life. 


Lead me the way to woods

Those woods which absorb my fear

Woods which make me feel

Rejuvenate and provide a lear

Let me go to the forest fire

And burn in those flying flames

Incinerate my fear and flaws

And quit from all these games

Take me to serenity

A never ending peace

Safe inside the nature’s den

Wash clean me with cold breeze

Lift me high to greatness

To hear the eagle’s cry

Those majestic birds which swivel

And enjoy their heavenly plight

To the rivers which are perennial

For days, months and years

Whose beauty is quite neglected

By men with walk with spears

Let me have a campfire

And an amazing memorable time

Stop rest and see the beauty

Away from clamours and whines

Well…before I started this

My hot coffee had a lot to say

It has lost its vapours now

As I wonder to seize the day…