A short poem on being criticized from others. There are times when students aren’t allowed to do the things that they want to, or choose their own career.

There are some things that people forget to do

Or they just pretend to forget

They never ask what I want

And just live in what they expect

I hate those things which they expect

Cause they just wanna compare

Compare me with neighbours and classmates

And never appreciate what’s fare

Like any human first i was in rage

Angry on those who criticized

Those who wanted to keep me in cage

Well, I am the bird who loves to fly

They never encouraged for my skills

My art – they called it ‘waste’

And every single word they spoke

Just made me feel eviscerate

Everything that is alive

And is true as nature spirits

Engraves new way of living life

And die with different merits

But as I said I love to fly

Higher and higher in the sky

Fighting the traps in my life

Being the warrior of light

Standing on the top of the mountain

I speak this to myself with cause

“Thanks to all those who criticized me

You made me stronger than I was”

Just because of them today

I have strength to fight alone

And no matter whatever it takes

I’ll engrave my way and roar!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this and relate 200 percent with this experience….in the depths it looks like dark shades but they know not they helped spark an even brighter flame….they caste out Sparks forgetting to first, feed theirs….trained process of degrading…..it’s beautiful, to willingly choose to spread said wings….lovely share

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    1. Honey8 says:

      I am glad you could connect with it. Yes there is always a hope hidden deep inside your heart and always something to be grateful for 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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