Welcome to Inspire Art

Greetings to everyone!

Welcome to the waterfall of my hobbies and creations! Inspiration, art, music, all flow in here just like a never ending brook. The cool breeze and warm sun rays start my mornings with a desire and curiosity to learn or create something, to embrace a new day that I’ve been given as a blessing for making more lovely memories! Art is my expression, my words and the way I escape the reality to find myself. It gives me pleasure to escape the world and get into my own dreams, create beyond anything and everything.
“Get lost, to find yourself!”

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Into the Blended sounds…

Original Tunes and Mix!

Music is always a soul healing medicine either I create or just listen to it. You can check out my tunes which don’t have any genre! They are all mixed up synths, bass, guitar, piano, and everything just mashed up! Give it a try! Comments and guidance welcomed!

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Stories close to Heart

Blogs : Sharing my stories

My feelings and instances which I’ve gone through while creating, spending time with the WordPress family, making new friends! It’s all in here. We all need to express what we feel, we need to talk to someone when we feel low. This section includes my random thoughts which just pop up in my head from nowhere and some of my feelings just penned up to escape them.

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Wall of Art

The gallery takes you to a place where you can have a look at some of my snapshots. They are mainly nature pictures and some of the art fragments, pencil sketches..

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About Me!

Meet me!

Dear readers, I am Honey Barapatre, an artist, writer and inspirer. I am a student studying in commerce stream, currently in higher secondary. I believe that life is amazing. You never know what’s going to happen. It is full of surprises, good or bad. I love to spread smiles. In fact I smile by spreading smiles. My religion is kindness, I throw around kindness like confetti, love to meet new people and would like to create a world where peace is the only one that rules. Music and inspiration run in my veins, art is my lifestyle, writing is my expression and my soul lies in nature…

If you have any suggestions, questions, or would like to get in touch, here’s a pathway to the contact page. I’d love to hear you! Keep smilin’, love life, love living, love yourself, stay strong and let the positivity flow!